Guide to Leg Day in the Gym
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Brief Guide to Leg Day in the Gym

Leg day are two of the most hated words in all of the gym lingo. There are very few people who
like leg day in the gym. It is difficult to accomplish, and the recovery is horrible ninety-percent of
the time. However, leg workouts are important to get the right muscle balance in the body. Since
your legs carry you everywhere you need to go; you need to ensure that you work out your legs

From finding the right stretches to finding the best and most effective workouts, leg day is the
Monday of your workout week. It doesn’t have to be that difficult though. Luckily, we’ve created a
great guide to help you survive leg day week after week.

Better Warm Up

The key to having a great leg workout is to have a killer warm up. Stretching is always key to
having a great workout. Stretching keeps your muscles loose and prepares them for the strenuous
workout. Yoga stretches and other stretches for the legs are ideal because they properly warm up
your legs for a great workout.

Touching your toes, pulling your feet to your behind, and more are great stretches to warm up
your muscles. After you stretch, you can take a quick warm up jog around your gym, do a few
weightless squats, or do a few jumping jacks. This little bit of activity stimulated your muscles to
get your body energized and prepared for a hard, but amazing workout.

warm up on leg dayGet Your Workout On

Once you’ve warmed up properly, you can start your workout. This part of leg day is entirely up to
you. If you want to work on quads, you can take a peek at Body Building’s exercise ideas for working your quads. You can do many different versions of the original squat to get a deeper, more
impacting workout depending on your current fitness level.

If you want to take your leg workout to the next level, you can try a combination of exercises like
the ones found on Project Swole. These exercises engage all the muscles in your legs at certain
times to strength them without tiring yourself out too quickly. You can work your calves while you
work your quads, and you can engage your core while you squat or pull off dead lifts.

There are a few things to remember when you are combining leg workouts with weight training.
You should only lift what you know your body can handle. Trying to overdo it day after day might
cause an injury. You should never lock out your knees when doing leg presses or dead lifts. This
can cause damage to your knees or worse; you might break a bone. Learning to safely use weights
and equipment is important to your leg day workouts as well.

Cool It Down

Cooling down after your workout is important. If you never cool down, you can suffer from cramps
or exhaustion. If you are working out your core along with your legs, like the information found in
Muscle and Fitness, then you should especially take a minute to do a cool down jog, yoga, or
another version of stretching. Not only does cooling down help you recover from your workout
mentally, but it also helps prevent sore muscles when tomorrow rolls around.

hydrate when working out

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

During your cool down time and even throughout your workout, there is one thing you need to
remember to do. Staying hydrated is important to the health of your bodily functions, organs, and
even your muscles. Since they need water much as you do, it only stands to reason that you
should keep water in your body during and especially after your workout.

While you recover, drinking water helps replenish your muscles, especially the major muscles you
just worked. Water also relieves your thirst, and it helps you eliminate any soreness that you might
have acquired from working new muscles in your legs. Daily amounts of water are important, but
having a little extra during and after your workouts, especially your legs, is ideal for maintaining
healthy muscle mass and a healthy weight.


Leg day is not the easiest workout day of the week. In fact, many people fear it to the point where
they avoid leg day like the plague. Leg day is like going to that test that you forgot to study for
that’s half of your grade. It just isn’t ideal, and it makes many people cringe.

Leg day doesn’t have to be difficult or scary though, and leg day can be beneficial to your weight
loss, muscle gain, and overall health. By combining an efficient warm up, a killer workout, and a
simple cool down, you can get a great leg workout, and you can officially survive leg day.